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About John

John Williams

“When you do what you love, you never work for a living.”

I know someone said that long before I ever did. This should be taught, along with the alphabet, to students at a very early age. We’d have no grumpy people after a couple of generations. All right, we’d still have some grumps but far fewer of them!

I’m a lucky guy. I’m married to a wonderful woman. She puts up with me. Even I can’t do that all the time, but she does. “She” is JoAnn. I often call her “Flash” which raises an eyebrow or two when first heard by someone but is easily explained as a suitable moniker for a photographer’s wife. She likes the name so much one of our cats is her namesake. Just for the record: her nickname came first.

I’m also I lucky guy because I don’t go to work everyday. Not that I’m retired or independently wealthy but I get to do what I love; photography during the week, radio on the weekends and sometimes during the week too. Live radio has always been my first love. Photography came later in life. It’s either a microphone or a camera in front of my face and a tiller in one hand. Sailing is a passion too.

Shooting pictures was just an interesting hobby until I got some sage advice from a radio veteran to learn another trade because, “Radio doesn’t last forever.” I remembered an Olympus OM-1n I received as a Christmas present and got to work. Learning F-stops, focus and film led to wedding photography which led to graphics which led to everything digital. Here I am today as the photographer for the Long Island Region of New York State Parks. Nobody has a better gig than me. Nobody!

Enjoy the fruits of my fun endeavors!